A major problem facing the telecommunications, power utility and CATV industries is delivering new cable through occupied conduit. Conventional methods, such as rodding or pulling back existing cables, are problematic and often ineffective. It is not uncommon to waste valuable labor hours fighting existing cable and conduit runs only to find that the cable has become damaged or that the job cannot be done.

The answer to these problems is the BAZOOKATM, a revolutionary air jetting technology that allows a single operator to easily install a HERCULINE® features an inflatable shaft that locks into the conduit opening, providing an airtight seal to propel a state of the art pulling shuttle through occupied conduit or a biodegradable foam pellet through unoccupied conduit. While the shuttle is designed to form itself to the varying open areas inside occupied conduit, the biodegradable foam pellet has the added benefit of cleaning unoccupied conduit of mud, water, and other debris. In either case, air loss is minimized to enable rapid deployment of HERCULINE®.

The BAZOOKATM is a compact design that is conveniently stored in a protective carrying case with an assortment of shafts ranging from 1 to 6 inches in diameter. Because all lock rings require only hand tightening, an operator can be set up on the job in less than 10 minutes. The control panel is separate from the shaft block allowing the operator to safely stand above ground, away from the conduit. The unit also comes equipped with pre-set pressure relief valves to control airflow and prevent over pressurization of the conduit.

The operation of the BAZOOKATM is quite simple. With occupied conduit, it is necessary to first protect the cable with specially sized foam cable packers. The inflatable shaft is inserted into the conduit opening and then connected to the shaft block. The air supply hoses run between the shaft block and the control panel, which connects to any 100 psi air source. Once the shaft is inflated inside the conduit opening, the operator can test for potential over pressurization of the conduit. Next, the shaft is deflated and removed in order to thread HERCULINE®, rope or a locate wire through the shaft block and to load the pulling shuttle or pellet into the shaft. When the shaft is finally reinserted into the conduit and inflated, the BAZOOKATM is ready to fire. The main air valve is opened and the shuttle or pellet is propelled through the conduit pulling the HERCULINE®, rope or locate wire along.